Mission Statement

Bath Community Television will provide access to the creation and dissemination of Public, Educational, and Governmental television programming which will strive to showcase the City of Bath and inform its citizens.


Bath Community Television (BCTV) is a resource provided by the franchise agreement between the City of Bath and Susquehanna Communications. BCTV originates from the Recreation Department on Sheridan Drive in Bath. Channel time is shared equally with each aspect of PEG (Public, Education and Government). BCTV is funded by Franchise Fees, which are equal to 5% of Susquehanna Communication's gross annual revenue in the City of Bath. The cable TV subscribers in Bath subsequently pay these fees. The amount subscribers pay is noted on the monthly Suscom-Maine.Com billings.

The BCTV channel will be established providing Bath residents, businesses and organizations with LOCAL programming that will reflect the needs of the community.

This manual of POLICIES AND GUIDELINES contains RULES AND REGULATIONS that have been adopted by the BATH COMMUNITY TELEVISION STEERING COMMITTEE and the BATH CITY COUNCIL. This manual is intended to provide guidelines for the maximum utilization of resources by eligible users.

Local production is a cooperative effort of the City of Bath, community residents, businesses, schools and organizations in Bath. By the options and capabilities it offers, Bath Community Television, provides facilities, resources, expertise and training so that programming of local interest and importance can be produced by community members and groups. All programming is produced by the groups described above. Bath Community Television produces no programming as a separate entity.

Bath Community Television is intended to serve the particular needs and interests of the individuals and groups named above, hence the community at large. Community produced programs provide an alternate method of disseminating information and offering entertainment of distinct local appeal and value.

By its nature, the views and opinions presented in community productions are those of the originating person or group and do not necessarily represent those of the City of Bath or Susquehanna Communications.

Facilities and training essential to community production are available at no charge and training will be provided periodically in areas of interest to the participant.

The use of the Bath Community Television facilities or channel by one or a few select groups or individuals in a monopolistic manner is not deemed to be in the public interest. Use limitations will be applied only in cases where the public interest is not being maintained

BCTV 4 Sheridan Road Bath, Maine 04530-2125 207-443-8387